We Just Made Finding Great Renters Easy: Just Let Us Do It For You

Do you own a quality rental property, but are tired of the uncertainties of being a landlord? Does unpaid rent from tenants or destroyed property often weigh on your mind? Revitalize Studios is now offering local landlords a mutually beneficial partnership opportunity!
Here at Revitalize Studios, we specialize in listing rental homes on Airbnb for the increased reassurance and safety of our partners. Allowing Revitalize Studios to list your rental property on Airbnb has a variety of significant benefits including the reassurance that your property is in good hands and safe from destructive tenants. Amongst these benefits are many other reasons to partner with Revitalize Studios:

What You Will Receive:

Monthly rental income paid by a credible and reliable company such as Revitalize Studios is a huge benefit to any landlord and property owner. Tenants regularly being late to pay rent, or not paying at all, each month is a huge risk for landlords these days. With COVID-19 laws protecting unpaying tenants from being evicted, it is a risk to allow what may be unreliable individuals or families to stay within your property. As Revitalize Studios is a thriving company within the home improvement and real estate industry, you can rely on us to pay on time every time! We are prepared to sign a 1 year lease for your property.
We heavily vet any tenants that come to stay in our managed Airbnb properties. Before we allow anyone to move into our Airbnb properties, we conduct an interview of all applicants to ensure they are a fit for our expectations. The majority of tenants will be short-term vacationers and business professionals seeking shelter during company trips. If any red flags arise during this process, we do not allow the tenant to live within the confines of your property. Here at Revitalize Studios, we believe in providing quality living spaces to only responsible and respectful tenants.
Tenants will read and sign a written agreement that expresses and spells out clear maintenance expectations of the property before they are allowed to enter the premises. It will be made clear that the property must be left exactly as it was found on the tenant’s move-in date. If any maintenance is required upon tenant departure, the tenant or Revitalize Studios will cover the costs of the tenant-caused damage.
Alongside a Revitalize Studios expert, tenants will tour the property to complete a move-in inspection form. The property will be reviewed by both the tenant and Revitalize Studios to ensure all parties know of the condition of the property before the tenant moves in. Likewise, a move-out inspection will be conducted by a member of our Revitalize Studios team. We will review the move-in sheet to ensure the property is being left in pristine condition. Photographs of the property will be taken during the move-in as well as the move-out inspection as proof of the condition of the property. These images will be used if any damages occur during the tenant’s stay.
Throughout the duration of each tenant’s stay in your property, we will conduct routine inspections to ensure the quality of the home is maintained. Although we only approve responsible and respectful tenants, the safety and security of your property is of utmost importance to us. If, by chance, we catch that a tenant is not being as respectful of the space as we expect them to be, we will take quick action to remedy the situation. Our team of professionals will conduct routine maintenance and, as needed with your permission, renovations to upkeep the integrity of your property.
Through our agreement with Airbnb, we have a guaranteed 1 million dollars worth of insurance backing any property we list. Although we take all of the necessary steps to avoid any mishaps, this provides great reassurance that your property is well-insured and taken care of. With this level of insurance, you can relax knowing your property is in safe hands.
We will attract top-notch guests to your property by professionally staging your home and taking high-quality images. Therefore, none of your furniture will need to be utilized for guests. As a perk, you will receive access to these professional images of your property for future use.
Here at Revitalize Studios, we are committed to providing our guests with the cleanest and most enjoyable stay. As such, we will be conducting twice-weekly thorough cleanings of each property to ensure we are upholding COVID-19 disinfectant standards. As the owner of this property, these routine cleanings are beneficial as it guarantees your space will be well-maintained and regularly cleaned.

Airbnb Property Management Made Simple. Here’s How

Calling all Airbnb hosts! We understand the weight of responsibility that comes with being an Airbnb Host. As experts in the real estate, home renovation, and property management industries, we are well-equipped to assist you in managing your Airbnb listings.

Whether you desperately need us to help you manage your Airbnb listing(s) or you simply just need more time to yourself, our property management team at Revitalize Studios is ready to step in. From listing your space on Airbnb and managing messages from guests to providing property maintenance and restocking services, we have you covered from top-to-bottom. As a bonus, we get paid only when you get paid! We will earn 30% of what you made from each Airbnb as compensation for our high-quality property design and property management services.

Furthermore, we are happy to provide expert staging opportunities to drive more traffic to your property! Our professional interior designers are ready to revamp your space for an additional cost. They will use trending decor, accessories, and even furniture to entice more guests to book your space.

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